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Make your resume shine article


The recruiters spend about a minute or two reading each resume; you need to catch their attention by making your resume shine by doing the following.


1.  Immediately after your name and address write a “Summary of Qualifications”

     of about four or five sentences.


An MBA graduate with 8 years of experience in business development, sale and marketing in automotive industry, consumer products, and computer technical services.  Experience includes identification and potential evaluation of new business opportunities, sales and marketing of automotive and motor cycle products, and consumer products, and branding and customer relationship management.


2.  After the names of the companies you had worked for,  add a short description

    of their businesses. This helps to match you with your next job.


An accounting and audit firm; a canned tuna manufacturing firm; a frozen sea food exporter etc. 


3.  Write your resume in EESAP order, that is Experience, Education, Skills and Ability,

     and Personals. The order of your resume items should be:

     Name, address, e-mail and cellphone

     Summary of Qualifications: a must have 

     Experience: Begin with present job and go back in time.

     Do not forget short description of the company’s business.

     Education: Highest education first such as MBA, BBA

     Skills: Any skills in using computer softwares?

     Ability: Can you speak and write a foreign language?

     Personals: Personal information 




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